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How do I access my CENTAURI VISION HOSTING ACCOUNT mail with Outlook Express?

You can access your Domain email account using any standard email client.  The way it works is, your email client can receive email from your Domain account ("incoming" email), but in order to send email from your email client, you need an "outgoing" email server, which is usually no problem assuming you have an ISP email account. 

The directions below are using screen shots from Microsoft Outlook Express. If you use a different email client, you can get the settings and general instructions from here, and configure your email client as needed.  If you have a lot of mail in your account, (for those members who are now trying Outlook), it may take some time to download your mail to Outlook.  Once you have transported your mail, new mail should come in fast.  You may wish to delete junk mail from the web-mail panel first to save time.

Start Outlook Express so you can create a new email account. From the "Tools" menu, select "Accounts".

To make a new identity in outlook express, start by opening it.  (If you do not use Outlook yet, it will start a new account automatically when you first run it.)  Otherwise, click on file/ identities/ add new identity and add the following information when prompted.

From the screen above, click on "Add" and then select "Mail".

You will be asked for your display name. This is the name that will shown in the "From" email address when you email people.

Next, enter your full Domain email address Example John@Abc.com

Next, select "POP3" as the incoming email server type. Enter "mail.your Domain.com" as the incoming mail server. The next part will vary by user, it is the outgoing email server (SMTP) that your ISP email account uses. You need to figure this out from your ISP.  If your ISP does not provide a SMTP, use "mail.your Domain.com" .

This screen is for your incoming email, which is your Domain account. Enter your full email address (including the "@YourDomain.com"). Enter your password, then, you can decide whether or not you want it saved. If you don't want to enter your password every time you use Outlook Express, then check the "Remember Password" box.





Click "Finish" and enjoy your email!





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